Based out of Northern Ontario, we are a small team of well rounded, educated & self driven individuals looking for a way to better our everyday lifestyle and long term health. We strive on bettering the over all health of ourselves and the people around us. By providing educational knowledge about the uses and benefits of Cannabis in any aspect of life. By working together to make everything from organic spa, beauty & wellness products to fresh decadent edibles. Our team believes in healing naturally with cannabis in multiple ways as well as providing knowledgable educational information when it comes to the benefits cannabis can bring in your everyday lifestyle. We base our company on focusing on natural based options & products available versus pharmaceutical chemical based solutions for your everyday needs. We started out small with products for our selfs, friends & family who were interested in a more organic lifestyle. By Using these products we were able to eliminate use of pharmaceuticals from our lives! This proved its self to be an amazing step towards a healthier lifestyle. While this may not be feasible for everyone, even reducing some dependancy on chemical products helps both the environment and your physical over all well being. Here at Cannafused we go from seed to shelf , meaning all of our infused products are infused with only one strain. This strain was made within Cannafused team over 25 years ago and is only available here! Our strain is called G5 and is tested at 27% THC and is a 50/50 hybrid. there are many reasons why we only use one strain.

Consistency – Potency – Flavour – Effects – Longevity – Yield – Knowledge – Organic – Aroma

We have many testimonials from our customers telling us of the many benefits they get from our products from relaxation to pain relief, sleep, softer skin and an overall improvement on their general health and well being. We welcome reviews on all our products and value input so that we can continue to improve our products to be the BEST !

please review our products on our product page or feel free to inbox us with any feed back as well! ( We love rave posts & we love to share them)

All Cannafused wellness & body products are made with only organic ingredients. We advise all products stay in cool, dry area OR in the fridge to preserve longer. We strive on reducing our footprint on this planet by reducing, reusing when possible, and of course recycling 100% of the time, we STRIVE for a clean future.

Heres to our next generation Peace makers & Earth lovers.