Liquid Gold Essential Oil Roller

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Liquid Gold    85MG/THC

Specially formulated cannabis  infused Essential Oil Roll-On. Great for on the go relief of multiple symptoms including but not limited to:

Muscle Tension
Cold Symptoms
& More
Apply to pressure points as needed

*Contains 85mg thc & 15mg CBD*

Store all Cannafused body products in a cool, dark area to preserve. Contains only 100% organic ingredients.



4 reviews for Liquid Gold Essential Oil Roller

  1. Angela M

    One of my favourites to use any time of the day, my jaw is extremely sore 24-7 and this makes life bearable for me. Works quickly and smells like a DREAM, great as a perfume too!

  2. Tahera

    My dad has a pinched nerve in his spine and walks with two canes he goes through alot of nerve pain especially with the cold weather and he says this is one of the best things hes tried.
    This and the pain salve!

  3. Tina

    My TMJ and tension headaches have been horrible over the last few months. The Liquid Gold has really helped in those times when I massage it gently into my jaw and temples to help ease the tension and pain. I have also used it on my upper cervical spine (aka back of my neck) and even massaged into the occipital bone to help release the tension.
    I highly recommend this product for those who deal with TMJ, tension headaches, the tension in your neck etc!

  4. Deidre Craig (verified owner)

    THIS! I suffer from severe, debilitating migraines and this has been a god send! Especially when one starts while I am out of the house I can just quickly roll some on and it will hold it off and keep it from becoming worse. Definitely recommend to all my friends and family

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