Psilocybin Mushrooms

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Explore the never ending benefits our Mother Earth has to offer

Grown in BC, Canada – Magic Mushrooms – psilocybin Mushrooms – Micro Dosing & More.

Research has shown psilocybin in small amounts can have potential to treat a wide range of psychiatric and behavioural disorders including but not limited to depression, OCD., quitting smoking, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, headaches and  end-of-life psychological distresses.

Available in a variety of strains – in stock strains can vary – 10.50 per g.

in stock :

Mexi –

please specify in comments strain or we will choose at random for you.

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1 review for Psilocybin Mushrooms

  1. Ashley R

    How do you recommend using these just plain eating them or can you make a tea or something?

    • cannafused

      you can enjoy them just the way they are or you can use them in a tea !

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