NightyNight Face Serum


NightyNight Face Serum Contains 100mg THC / 25mg CBD

The benefits of THC & CBD combined together are never ending. our 100% organic infused face serum is packed full of benefits. With a combination of avocado oils, Grape seed Oils, Almond oils, essential oils, coconut oil, MCT oil & more it not only leaves your skin silky smooth & flawless  but may also  improve: skins elasticity , over all skin hydration, natural skin tones, prolongs natural tan, repair minor skin damage, reduces red spots & acne, contains natural antibacterial properties (coconut oil / tea tree oil ). may also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles due to environmental damage.

To use : apply to clean face & neck sparingly avoiding eye contact. *contains essential oils tea tree oil & others. store in dark cool area/ discontinue use if irritation occurs.



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